BESPOKE: goods ‘made to order’ / custom made / the good stuff

Who (and what) is K&Co Bespoke? 

Goldsmith and Designer Elana Ginsberg and a small team of the best hand tradesmen in the country. 

A sculptor and maker by trade the transition into traditional Goldsmithing was a natural one for ELANA. A graduate of the George Brown College Jewellery Arts program in 2004, followed by a 2 year apprenticeship, K&Co was born shortly after from a fascination with talisman, adornment, sculpting and fabrication. Fast forward almost 15 years and K&Co has moved into the luxury wedding, engagement and lifestyle realm creating timeless heirlooms. 

In our Toronto studio we Hand make, limited edition and one of a kind jewellery to be worn FOREVER. Engagement rings, wedding bands and rings, push presents, neck adornments, earrings, bracelets, EVERYTHING, in gold, silver and platinum with diamonds and gemstones. These pieces are HEIRLOOMS, lasting lifetimes, passed down generations and an investment in quality and design. 

so How does all this work?

limited edition and one of a kind pieces can be purchased directly through K&Co Studios or through K&Co’s online shop. Clients wanting custom pieces can email us directly using the form below OR BOOK THEIR private consultation USING OUR ONLINE BOOKING PLATFORM. Custom pieces take anywhere from 6-12 weeks (possibly more depending on availability and scheduling) and starting budget for custom work typically begins at $2000CDN for gold and platinum pieces. Pricing for custom work is subject to market pricing on diamonds and metal as well as custom design and fabrication fees. All diamonds provided for purchase are certified and ethically sourced and all gemstones and gold are ethically sourced with no exceptions. All money exchanged between the client and studio for custom work is final sale. One resize is included in the cost on engagement rings where the recipient is not present for ring sizing. 

Now, what does HAND MADE actually mean and is it the only process we use?

When we say that pieces are HAND MADE, we literally mean that every piece is carved or fabricated by hand, polished by hand, diamonds and gemstones are set by hand, and engraved by hand using teeny tiny tools. This process can take hours and hours and is not cheap but gives a beautiful quality to the work that can be lost with newer machine made pieces. That being said, we also use CAD to render SOME of our more TECHNICALLY complicated pieces. We use different processes to achieve different results and fully disclose all of our TECHNIQUES in our descriptions. 

Diamonds… what’s the big deal?? 

diamonds are the hardest, sparkliest stones on the planet. They will last a lifetime as opposed to softer, lower quality gemstones which will wear away and dull over the years. K&Co uses only ethically sourced, HIGH quality (above normal commercial quality) diamonds. Why? Because they sparkle like crazy and we think our clients are worth it! Can we use lower quality diamonds? Yes we can, upon request, but we will not compromise on ethically sourced stones so the price will always REFLECT that. 

Gemstones, do we use them as well?

Yes. For the purpose of quality and longevity we encourage clients towards higher quality (harder) gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds which will retain their polish and sparkle, even when worn everyday over a lifetime, but we are definitely open to other gemstones as well.

Ok, how about using a clients stones and/or old gold for a custom pieces? 

Stones, yes. Gold, no. Just be aware that taking stones out of old jewellery is labour intensive and not a FREE service! Clients will be charged per hour for this service. Reusing and melting down old gold is possible, just not in the K&Co studios. We use newly refined gold, which is recycled gold combined with new gold that has been processed and alloyed properly within a factory setting.  

Want to update your engagement ring or wedding set?

We can definitely do that as well. Simple updates can be made to your existing ring to give it a new life. include some pictures of the rings along with your emial and include your budget and we can discuss the possibilities!

Have more questions? Want to book a consult in the studio to talk about a custom piece? Please shoot us an email using the form in the contact section. We will be in touch with you shortly. xo k&Co.