Custom Design Deposit & Contract

Custom Design Deposit & Contract

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By paying this deposit you are agreeing to the following:

*All custom work is final sale. Absolutely no refunds or exchanges.

*All deposits are non-refundable 

*All stone purchases are final sale and non-refundable.

*Deposits must to be received in full before deadlines are secured. Clients may loose their proposed deadline if the deposit isn't made in a timely fashion. Proposed deadlines will be held for one week from the date of client consultation with goldsmith.

*Absolutely no work will begin on the project before the deposit is made in full and the client has agreed to the contract.

*Projects must be started within six months of receiving the deposit or another deposit will be necessary. 

*Project and fabrication quotes are approximate and any changes to the project made by the client after the design concept has been confirmed may incur extra costs. 

*All white diamonds are fully certified and the client will receive all paperwork/appraisals once the project has been paid for in full.

*If time permits, the clients will receive an appraisal for their finished project. Goldsmith is not obligated to provide appraisal unless stated in writing during the consultation.  

*No piece will leave the K&Co Studio unless paid for IN FULL. There are no exceptions; deadlines will not be honored unless full payment is received. 

*Goldsmith reserves the right to make any changes to the piece necessary to improve quality, wearability and/or design without consulting the client if changes are in the best interest of the safety, wearability and design of the final piece and/or stone settings. The client agrees that the Goldsmith can and will make these changes on the clients behalf.

*All rings will be made to the exact size specified by the client at the time of commission. Any resizing required after the completion of the project will be paid for by the client unless stated in writing by the Goldsmith at the time of consultation. If resizing cannot be done and a remake of the ring is required, the client will be charged accordingly. 

*All changes and modifications made to piece after completion/final payment has been received will be subject to extra fees. 

*The Goldsmith is not obligated to make changes to the project once complete/removed from the studio/paid for in full.

*K&Co Bespoke is not responsible for damage or wear to gemstones and/or diamonds or wear and tear to the jewellery after the jewellery/object leaves the premise.

*All designs are property of K&Co Bespoke and Elana Ginsberg.

*K&Co Bespoke/Elana Ginsberg has the right to replicate any and all designs for custom or commercial resale. 


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